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Worked with internal design teams to direct UGC brand collaboration with Avril Lavigne. 

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Client saw immediate increase in performance after creative team identified brand-relevant content creators.

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Increased profitable spend by 3x after introducing UGC strategy. 

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Launch creative included UGC and influencer marketing, decreasing CAC by 20% in 30 days.

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Examples of trending audios and high-performing, time-sensitive concepts.

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UGC launch creative lowered client CAC by 30% and increased profitable spend by 4x in 30 days.

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Reassessed UGC strategy with TikTok launch to incorporate trending audio and formats. 

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Expanded 360 marketing strategy through TikTok launch, doubling profitable spend.

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Client requested UGC launch, which lowered CAC by 20% in 30 days. 

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