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Claire has been a member of our team for over a year, and it’s clear the difference she makes in our company’s overall and day-to-day goals. She’s everything you look for in a creative strategist, from marrying data-driven insights with trending concepts to collaborating with different departments to ensure consistent, accurate client messaging across platforms. Her peers nicknamed her “the client whisperer” because she’s always thinking three steps ahead to communicate to clients how their quarterly creative roadmap enhances their overall goals, media strategy, and brand presence. This is evidenced by the fact that one of her clients recently quadrupled its annual budget. 


Internally, she’s the first to volunteer to assist her peers or proactively participate in a new initiative or project. Most recently, she helped introduce new software to streamline the creative feedback delivery process with clients, assisted in the implementation of a company-wide UGC process, helped introduce a new AI platform, and participated in the company strategy to combat a “cookieless world.” It’s clear she takes satisfaction in the success of her entire team, so she goes out of her way to empower her peers. Most importantly, she’s a delight to interact with and will absolutely bring joy to any team.

Brent Freeman

Founder and President, Stealth Venture Labs

I directly managed Claire for the last year and a half and in that time she has proven countless times just how dedicated and focused on success she is. For the company and herself. A true team player, she is open, honest, and always ready to learn something new. Her creative skills are not limited to just copywriting, her communication skills are among the best around. At SVL she has worked with everyone from designers to media partners internally and CEOs to project managers with our clients and always has great feedback on just how great it is to work with her.


She has managed around $10 million a month in creative ads across our clients' portfolio, so she knows a thing or two about budgets and timelines.


In short, if you or anyone considering hiring Claire needs to do their due diligence then let this be your stopping point. She will take great care of you and your company goals. She will go above and beyond to get the job done, and she will almost always have a smile on her face. I would hire Claire again in any future role should our paths cross again. DO yourself a favor and start a convo with her today!

Josh Medina

Creative Director, Stealth Venture Labs

Claire Holahan was employed by JBC for 3 years. During that time she quickly evolved from a creative writer to an insightful marketer. She embraced professional growth and excelled in content management including the areas of social media, blogs, search engine optimization, public relations, and copywriting. Additionally, Claire proved to be an important resource in client relations and account management. 

Jacquie Bonano

Owner, JB Communications

Claire joined my new business early in her career, and her initiative, creativity, diligence, and intelligence contributed enormously to its success. In addition to developing new marketing strategies for our frequently shifting roster of classes and activities, she led our team of three through classes, onboarding, training, and digital strategies. In fact, our online presence was one of the reasons Jugglefish was named "2015 Most Loved Art Studio" in Cape May County, NJ.


What anyone who has met her will notice first is that she is a gifted communicator, both interpersonally and in writing. What you won't see until there is a stress point is that she cheerfully looks at every crisis as a new opportunity, and does not give up or cut corners when there is a deadline, unexpected hiccup, or mishap. She is always thinking ahead towards the big picture, and always has the best interests of her team at the center of all of her decisions. Claire is someone you will want to have on your team, and not on your competitor's.

Mary Galligan

Owner, Jugglefish Gallery and Studio

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